Pedodontic Dentistry

Pedodontics Dentistry, or Pediatric Dentistry, is concerned dental care and treatment for children.

Pedodontic treatment available in our clinic are:

  • cleaning & polishing
  • behavior management and dental education
  • restorations and tooth-colour filling of deciduous teeth
  • root canal treatment
  • crowns, stainless steel crowns
  • fluoride application
  • space maintainer/active plates
  • routine dental check-up
  • monitoring of the dental eruption
  • child dietary consultation, fluoride treatment
  • sealant of the permanent teeth

Pedodontists are specially trained dentists in managing children during their treatment visit as well as educating children on oral care and dental health.

If it is the first time your child sees a thailand pedodontist, the first visit may be a simple checkup followed by corresponding appointments for any required treatments depending on the co-operation obtained by your child.

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